May Challenge

Finita il: May 31, 2020
These past few months have been quite tough for many of us. Although, we are now more optimistic than ever that our efforts have begun to pay off. Many of us are beginning to safely return to the crag and we see growing positivity around us each day. For those of you in communities that are now able to do so, head outdoors or to your local gym and reach the 200-meter goal for your chance to win tons of great prizes this month. For those of you at home keeping your communities safe, your goal is to simply continue doing so. Enter the challenge and automatically be entered to win some special prizes, no climbing meters necessary! Together we remain dedicated to staying strong and keeping our communities safe!


Mark your climbs with a "Zlag!" in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (200 meters/44 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


Captain Finger Food Hangboard by Captain Finger Food
Captain Finger Food Hangboard
 by Wild Country
 by Wild Country
 by Wild Country
10 x
50€ Zlagboard Voucher by Zlagboard
50€ Zlagboard Voucher
Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month) by Vertical-Life
5 x Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month)
8bplus Chalk Bag by 8bplus
31 x 8bplus Chalk Bag

Statistiche delle sfide

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Ranking palestre



Rank Name Meters Premio
1 Ben Marjanovič 5223 meters
2 Sebastian Andersson 3587 meters
3 Magnus Singerer 2307 meters
4 David Gubelmann 1743 meters
5 Leonhard Bayerl 1734 meters
6 Alexander Hans Spoerri 1576 meters
7 A S 1565 meters
8 Björn B 1457 meters
9 Ange Ne 1428 meters
10 Felix Winkler 1401 meters
11 Sara Nissfolk 1398 meters
12 Michael Haug 1394 meters
13 Nino Flueck 1386 meters
14 Sven-David Nissfolk 1295 meters
15 Elin Björnson 1258 meters
16 Dominik Friederich 1245 meters
17 Simon Albrecht 1240 meters
18 Claudia Elektro 1230 meters
19 Lukas Lehmann 1196 meters
20 Lisa Burkhardt 1160 meters
21 Sami Laakkonen 1112 meters
22 Marius Gaub 1046 meters
23 Andreas Rauchöcker 992 meters
24 Dominik T 990 meters
25 Bruno Ehrnsperger 988 meters
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