Road to Melloblocco 2017

Ended on: May 07, 2017
This year’s Melloblocco is at the door and is getting closer and closer. To put you in the right boulder mood, we would like to invite you to this boulder challenge. The aim of this challenge is: Sent 12 boulders and win event kits & other great prizes!


Mark your climbs with a Zlag in order to collect boulders. Rock and gym boulders, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber who meets the goal of the challenge (12 sent boulders) takes part in the final prize draw in the context of the Melloblocco from 11th to 14th of May. Please note: The prizes are handed over only on the event itself. The prizes won’t be shipped - the attendance at the Melloblocco is the condition for winning a prize. Be honest, play fair!


Event kit for the Melloblocco '17 by Melloblocco 2017
10 x Event kit for the Melloblocco '17
Wild Climb Approach Shoe by Sherpa Mountain Shop
Wild Climb Approach Shoe
Zlagboard.EVO by Zlagboard
Ocan Boulder Bag by Sherpa Mountain Shop
Ocan Boulder Bag
Altibaro Highgear Axio Mini by Sherpa Mountain Shop
Altibaro Highgear Axio Mini
Book "Melloblocco 10" by Melloblocco
10 x Book "Melloblocco 10"
150 Credits by Vertical-Life
150 Credits
50 Credits by Vertical-Life
3 x 50 Credits
5 Credits by Vertical-Life
10 x 5 Credits

Challenge statistics

average grade

Indoor gym ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Boulders Prize
1 Alex Weger 73 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
2 rzdlet ... 32 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
3 Emanuel Borsoi 30 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
4 An Ru 25 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
5 David Miglioranza 18 boulders
6 c e 18 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
7 Stefan Mair 16 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
8 Maria Hilber 14 boulders
9 Eva Maria Kraft 14 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
10 Profile johannes zwerger 12 boulders D0ca63a21acfe816bec9413084ed41a2
11 Wan Kenobi 10 boulders
12 Peter Pircher 9 boulders
13 Egon Larcher 9 boulders
14 Benjamin Stecher 8 boulders
15 Francesco Fonta 3 boulders
16 Mario Kainbacher 2 boulders
17 Luca Frate 2 boulders
18 David Spiess 1 boulders
19 Thomas Hofer 0 boulders
20 Matthias Polig 0 boulders
21 René De Candido 0 boulders
22 Arno Dejaco 0 boulders
23 Alex Hofmann 0 boulders
24 Andy Niederstätter 0 boulders
25 Egle Kirdulyte 0 boulders
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