October Challenge

Ended on: October 31, 2021
This month offers the full package: ideal temperatures for climbing, autumn in full splendor and the chance to win great prizes from La Sportiva, SO SOLID, Climbskin, Tirol and Zlagboard to top it all off! Just enjoy your favorite climbing spots, outdoors as well as indoors - don’t forget to tick your routes - and those of you who log 350 meters will enter the prize raffle! So what are you waiting for? Ready, steady, go!


Tick your climbs in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (350 meters/approx. 88 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


50€ Zlagboard Voucher by Vertical-Life
5 x 50€ Zlagboard Voucher
La Sportiva 100 € Voucher by La Sportiva
La Sportiva 100 € Voucher
Tirol Premium Topos by Tirol
250 x Tirol Premium Topos
Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month) by Vertical-Life
5 x Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month)
Climbskin Welcome Pack by Climbskin
2 x Climbskin Welcome Pack
SO SOLID Leggings Milano Giga & Reversible Sport Bra Milano Giga by SO SOLID
SO SOLID Leggings Milano Giga & Reversible Sport Bra Milano Giga

Challenge statistics

average grade

Indoor gym ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Prize
1 Larisa Lapter 2800 meters
2 Ken Postma 2691 meters
3 Julia Seibel 2140 meters
4 Håvard Kvæl 1993 meters
5 Helene Nilsson 1904 meters
6 Andrea Vecchi 1819 meters
7 Magnus Singerer 1552 meters
8 A S 1545 meters
9 Matthias Bolt 1501 meters
10 Sonja Lehmann 1501 meters
11 Fabian Büchler 1490 meters
12 Moritz Huber 1456 meters
13 Isabella Pachatz 1445 meters
14 Show Alpinist 1420 meters
15 Ludwig H 1417 meters
16 Steven Schilling 1383 meters
17 Wolfi Klocker 1372 meters
18 Marco Bigatti 1360 meters
19 Christian Büchi 1334 meters
20 Melanie Spies 1321 meters
21 Leonhard Bayerl 1312 meters
22 Toni K 1291 meters
23 marcel r 1260 meters
24 Dieter Beierlein 1260 meters
25 Carlos Ogallar Aguirre 1213 meters
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