November Challenge

Ended on: November 30, 2020
Friction season calls for a tougher challenge! Zlag your routes and boulders, collect 250 indoor and outdoor climbing meters, and win sweet prizes from tons of awesome brands as Tirol, Wild Country, Chillaz, Captain Fingerfood and Zlagboard. But don't forget to stay safe! That’s why we recommend exploring more outdoor crags this time! Get out there, start new adventures and get Zlagging!


Tick your climbs in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (250 meters/approx. 60 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


50€ Zlagboard Voucher by Vertical-Life
5 x 50€ Zlagboard Voucher
Tirol Premium Topos by Tirol
250 x Tirol Premium Topos
Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month) by Vertical-Life
5 x Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month)
SESSION Chalk Bag by Wild Country
10 x SESSION Chalk Bag
Set of SESSION Quickdraws by Wild Country
Set of SESSION Quickdraws
REVO Belay Device by Wild Country
REVO Belay Device
Headband Grunge blue by Chillaz
6 x Headband Grunge blue
Belt beige by Chillaz
4 x Belt beige
Hangboard 180° by Captain Fingerfood
Hangboard 180°

Challenge statistics

average grade

Indoor gym ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Prize
1 Michael Winterkvist 2380 meters
2 Magnus Singerer 1819 meters
3 David Gubelmann 1751 meters
4 Ruben Kälin 1633 meters
5 Håvard Kvæl 1618 meters
6 Magnus Larsson 1482 meters
7 Jacques Lepesant 1387 meters
8 Leon Süß 1320 meters
9 Jan Bracher 1270 meters
10 A S 1217 meters
11 James Garrow 1165 meters
12 m r 1143 meters
13 almu c 1133 meters
14 Katharina Hermann 1094 meters
15 Harry Z 1084 meters
16 Kyrr Vliegen 1055 meters
17 Ewa Zygarowicz 1013 meters
18 JP Reitsma 1012 meters
19 Dylan Prendergast 1006 meters
20 Alexandra Jakobsson 972 meters
21 Dirk Uhlig 963 meters
22 Nino Flueck 956 meters
23 Andreas Svensson 898 meters
24 Hannes Schwendinger 858 meters
25 Stefan Barthel 856 meters
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