March Challenge

Ended on: March 31, 2020
With the spring season quickly approaching, now is the time to ramp up your training to send all your outdoor projects. Join the March Challenge, mark your routes and boulders with a Zlag, and accumulate 400 climbing meters for a chance to win great prizes from Tirol, Wild Country, and Zlagboard. Tip: ascents marked through workouts and personalized training plans are also counted. Join the challenge and get Zlagging!


Mark your climbs with a "Zlag!" in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (400 meters/88 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


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Challenge statistics

average grade

Indoor gym ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Prize
1 Paddi Oʼ Lee 2115 meters
2 Magnus Singerer 1876 meters
3 DerNasenach 1582 meters
4 David Gubelmann 1295 meters
5 Antonio Lopez 1293 meters
6 Tom Schulze 1256 meters
7 Claudia Elektro 1247 meters
8 Alexandra Jakobsson 1245 meters
9 Lisa Burkhardt 1204 meters
10 A S 1193 meters
11 Elin Björnson 1172 meters
12 Felix Winkler 1136 meters
13 Stefan Thomson 1067 meters
14 Angelica Carlund 1016 meters
15 Håvard Kvæl 888 meters
16 Maximilian Schwenk 888 meters
17 Johannes Kuschke 819 meters
18 Mimi Lazarova 795 meters
19 Klaus Wiele 793 meters
20 Früh Patrouille 787 meters
21 Louie Cooke 776 meters
22 m r 752 meters
23 Rebecka Singerer 742 meters
24 Gigi Pipi 705 meters
25 Sebastian Andersson 684 meters
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