Frasassi Challenge 2017

Ended on: September 10, 2017
Only for registered participants of the FCF: Collect 300 meters of the Frasassi routes, get in the final draw and win great prizes! Have fun at the Frasassi Climbing Festival 2017!


Mark your climbs with a Zlag in order to collect routes. All the routes of the Frasassi Masterpiece Circuits are counted in the given timeframe. Every climber who meets the goal of the challenge (300 climbing meters) takes part in the final prize draw. The listed prices will be only handed over at the final prize ceremony at the FCF Village, Sunday at 5 pm. Every day there are end-of-day prizes, always at the Village. [Here the events program!]( The prizes won’t be shipped!


Montura Sky Fall Hoody by
Montura Sky Fall Hoody
Kayland Gravity GTX by
Kayland Gravity GTX
Kayland Raptor by
Kayland Raptor
Kayland Vertigo by
Kayland Vertigo
Montura Exploit Jacket by
Montura Exploit Jacket
Montura Perfrom Trek Pants by
Montura Perfrom Trek Pants
Ocun Webee Move by
Ocun Webee Move
Ocun Shoes Oxy Lady by
Ocun Shoes Oxy Lady
Ocun Shoes Oxy by
Ocun Shoes Oxy
Petzl Actik-Core by
Petzl Actik-Core
Petzel Meteor by
Petzel Meteor
Petzl Gri Gri Plus by
Petzl Gri Gri Plus

Challenge statistics

average grade

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Prize
1 Riccardo Pilati 1186 meters B4545e18c044bc9576d365b2dde39ce8
2 Profile elena bonacci 987 meters D5987044fb1d3c10aeff1c823e3d01c8
3 Luigi Pesaresi 798 meters 5abdfde563bc6f5f0228f70b940cd74a
4 Davide Giosaffatte 790 meters
5 Chiara Delpino 720 meters
6 Tommaso Franco 667 meters D1de42cdc5d2693659f5645d413d66a6
7 Profile Paolo Ghetti 602 meters 390cda63150494f634e3f2dbace83295
8 Stefano Viti 580 meters
9 Andrea Posanzini 507 meters 018e9dca04f4ace49bf5a9f189c800ad
10 Mircko Fabbri 433 meters
11 Mirco Socci 390 meters 82d9779f787289e193705575224e38e1
12 Profile Krizia Free 386 meters
13 Stefano Falcioni 355 meters 9cd624e68e959a7c47cb64374ea8ca5e
14 Manolo Magagnini 353 meters
15 Profile Davide Ferretti 353 meters
16 Alessandro Sacchetti 336 meters 5b461cf38ca522f57735f8377c54cddc
17 Francesca Farneti 335 meters
18 Manuele Pandolfi 330 meters
19 Marco Rotatori 328 meters
20 Andrea Raimondi 316 meters 435d737bb8030fe332c96385986986be
21 Matteo Mantani 311 meters
22 Francesco Bucciarelli 310 meters 9d0906e5800ff896065f920649567491
23 Manolo Fratoni 306 meters
24 Luigi Gaspari 306 meters
25 Profile Lillini Matteo 305 meters 9e5b7bc628f1a448b980f0983fc7e2f7
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