Salewa Challenge

Ended on: July 31, 2020
Salewa has been absolutely inspired by Anna Stohr’s EVOLUTION project. Every one has their own evolution at some point in their lifetime, whether it be on a personal or professional level. Finally, we have the freedom to leave our houses and get back on our path to reaching our goals and fulfilling our dreams. Work towards your next climbing goal by collecting 250 meters for your chance to win some awesome prizes courtesy of Salewa! #backtopuremountain


Mark your climbs with a "Zlag!" in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (250 meters/55 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


Set of DYNEEMA HOT G3 Quickdraws by Salewa
Set of DYNEEMA HOT G3 Quickdraws
Alpine Tuber by Salewa
Alpine Tuber
30% Discount Voucher by Salewa
2 x 30% Discount Voucher
20% Discount Voucher by Salewa
10 x 20% Discount Voucher

Challenge statistics

average grade

Indoor gym ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Prize
1 Torsten Track 8236 meters
2 Larisa Lapter 4316 meters
3 Aurélien Mettler 3241 meters
4 Michaela Schwenk 2755 meters
5 Georg Fleck 2395 meters
6 Dirk Uhlig 2079 meters
7 Paddi Oʼ Lee 1982 meters
8 Linnea Betz 1917 meters
9 James Garrow 1875 meters
10 Jan Bracher 1765 meters
11 JP Reitsma 1492 meters
12 Mario Heimgartner 1320 meters
13 Rudolf Krug 1302 meters
14 Robert Müller 1281 meters
15 Luca Holzer 1210 meters
16 Karsten Flau 1156 meters
17 Johannes Kuschke 1120 meters
18 Markus Borer 1085 meters
19 Show Alpinist 1063 meters
20 Angelika NeUfeld 1053 meters
21 Chris Prato 1045 meters
22 Philipp Janotta 1020 meters
23 Genessis Perez 990 meters
24 Tor Ros 986 meters
25 Jarinka Heijink 978 meters
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