Beendet am: May 31, 2021
UNPARALLEL’s new Flagship shoe is the pinnacle of climbing performance. Whether on World Cup boulders, high-grade sport routes or urban roof cracks, our athletes – including Tomoa Narasaki, Staša Gejo, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker – are using this shoe’s unparalleled precision and infamously sticky rubber to push their limits. Now we challenge you to push your limits too! Your goal is to log 250m of climbing ascents. And the best bit?! By completing the challenge, you’ll be entered to win one of 5 pairs of Flagship climbing shoes. Are you ready to push your limit?


Tick your climbs in the app in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes climbed in the given timeframe are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (250 meters/approx. 62 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw. Thanks for playing fair!


Flagship climbing shoes by Unparallel
5 x Flagship climbing shoes

Challenge statistiken

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Indoor kletterhallen ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Preis
1 Andreas Lindhorst 3174 meters
2 Helene Nilsson 3164 meters
3 NoNeed ToBeReal 2536 meters
4 Magnus Singerer 2188 meters
5 Show Alpinist 1777 meters
6 Ken Postma 1740 meters
7 Sebastian Andersson 1635 meters
8 Mimi Lazarova 1535 meters
9 Dirk Uhlig 1527 meters
10 Hans Horstmann 1523 meters
11 Hannes Nilsson 1504 meters
12 m r 1347 meters
13 Bruno Ehrnsperger 1260 meters
14 Coelestin Urban 1214 meters
15 Miki Anderson 1185 meters
16 Ruben Kälin 1179 meters
17 Jesper Larsen 1165 meters
18 Maximilian Schwenk 1088 meters
19 Dominik Friederich 1076 meters
20 Magnus Larsson 1075 meters
21 Antonio Lopez 1066 meters
22 Håvard Kvæl 1047 meters
23 Katharina Hermann 1042 meters
24 Rebekka Wegmann 1033 meters
25 Jacques Lepesant 1002 meters
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