June Challenge

Beendet am: June 30, 2020
With things finally starting to calm down a bit, now is the time to dive back into our routines in the safest way possible. To celebrate our return to climbing, we’ve teamed up with some awesome brands to give away some sweet prizes this month. Join the June Challenge, head out to your local crag or gym, and complete the 250-meter goal for your chance to be a part of the giveaway. It’s time to pick up where we left off and start sending this summer!


Mark your climbs with a "Zlag!" in order to collect climbing meters. Rock and gym routes as well as boulder problems, climbed in the given timeframe, are counted. Every climber/boulderer who achieves the goal (250 meters/55 boulders) takes part in the final prize draw.


Captain Finger Food Hangboard by Captain Finger Food
Captain Finger Food Hangboard
 by Wild Country
 by Wild Country
 by Wild Country
10 x
50€ Zlagboard Voucher by Zlagboard
5 x 50€ Zlagboard Voucher
Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month) by Vertical-Life
5 x Free Premium with Friends Subscription (1-month)
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
 by Chillaz
3 x
 by Chillaz
3 x
 by Chillaz
3 x

Challenge statistiken

durchschnittlicher Grad

Indoor kletterhallen ranking

Outdoor ranking


Rank Name Meters Preis
1 Michaela Schwenk 3449 meters
2 L. L. 2904 meters
3 Dirk Uhlig 2601 meters
4 Ci Z 2413 meters
5 Nino Flueck 2291 meters
6 Paddi Oʼ Lee 1862 meters
7 Show Alpinist 1805 meters
8 Magnus Singerer 1787 meters
9 Georg Fleck 1580 meters
10 A S 1579 meters
11 Jean-pierre Basmaji 1517 meters
12 Ruben Kälin 1457 meters
13 Selz Sebastian 1428 meters
14 Mikuláš Konečný 1368 meters
15 Harry Z 1350 meters
16 Felix Winkler 1273 meters
17 Björn B 1269 meters
18 Linnea Betz 1263 meters
19 Marius Gaub 1261 meters
20 min ga 1258 meters
21 Sami Laakkonen 1180 meters
22 Oliver Larsson 1102 meters
23 Franziska Stürzel 1098 meters
24 Geo Poul 1076 meters
25 Ronald Walter 1074 meters
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